On 27th Jun 2018, MyHIJAU Team from Green Catalyst under Green Certification unit, conducted a MyHIJAU Mark Clinic Session which was held as per below details:


Clinic Session: #5

Venue: Tenaga 2, GreenTech Malaysia

Total participants: 32

Target: Potential companies to register under MyHIJAU Mark Recognition Program



  1. To brief companies on MyHIJAU Mark Program background and overall
  2. To brief companies benefits on Green Tax Incentives available for them
  3. To brief companies benefits on Green Government Program (GGP) available for them
  4. One to one session to discuss further on their application


Speakers: En. Malik

Assistant: En. Syamiullah & Pn. Syahira Cik. Syahidah

Picture Taken by: En. Rasydan @ Idan


Below are some pictures taken:

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